At Mosaic Human Capital, we are excellent at being more than just another consultant. We are your business partners and we are driven to achieve your desired results. First, we engage with your stakeholders and learn about their short and long-term business goals. We then use our deep knowledge and experience in Continuous Improvement / LEAN / Six Sigma concepts to develop strategies and projects to achieve those results.

Mosaic clients benefit from our expertise in identifying process improvement and cost reduction opportunities by analyzing processes, procedures, methods, manpower, equipment and layouts. If your long-term goal is to eliminate non-value-added activity and reduce waste, Mosaic can teach your managers and employees how to use a variety of methodologies, including Continuous Improvement / LEAN / Six Sigma.

Continuous Improvement, Lean & Six Sigma — Implementation Strategy & Execution

At Mosaic we feel that it is important to have a Continuous Improvement culture within your company. This philosophy looks at change in small, incremental steps, relying on ideas put forth by employees. Small changes can usually be implemented inexpensively and helps employees to take ownership of their ideas for improvement. Continuous Improvement methodologies encourage open communication and feedback, are measurable and are successful in bringing about positive change within the organization and your customers.

Central to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies is the idea of solving problems and improving processes. Lean focus is on creating greater value for customers by reducing waste or non-value-added activities. It uses a multitude of tools, processes and ideologies to help achieve this. Process mapping, value steam mapping, fishbone diagrams, Pareto charts, 5S and 5Why, just to name a few, are used to identify value and waste. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach that provides organizations with tools to reduce process variation and increase performance & quality.

Mosaic teaches and works alongside your organization to install these and other methodologies with the goal of reducing costs, increasing profits, and building a stronger entity to serve your employees and customers.

Human Capital Optimization

Time & Motion Studies focused on employee utilization/ efficiency

Line Balancing work among employees
Right sizing departments or areas based on benchmarks and experience
Development of tools such as: playbooks, standard operating procedures, best practices and training material

Management Operating System

System Development and Installation: plan, assign, follow-up, report and change

Develop Key Performance Indicators specific to industry and/or department

Develop and install Performance Boards to track hourly KPIs
Create meeting structure and agendas

Continuous Improvement

Methodology Training: Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, process redesign

Project development, prioritization and execution

Audit current department or create

Business Coach

P&L and Balance Sheet review

Strategy development and deployment

SWOT analysis

Leadership training

Increase the effectiveness of communication and decision-making skills

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