Mosaic HCS was formed with the mission of earning the trust of client companies and job seekers alike as a leading provider of recruiting, staffing and human capital solutions. We intend to earn that trust by providing value added services while committing ourselves to Servant Leadership. We will treat people in a fair, honest and transparent manner while also being good stewards of community resources. In the end, we’ve created a firm that delivers the broad services we could have used as HR practitioners. This is our Mission and these are our Values.

The inspiration for our company name comes from the ancient mosaics found in Cathedrals throughout the world. Each mosaic is uniquely different and beautiful because it’s made up of thousands of individual pieces. We see organizations the same way, unique and different because of the thousands of individual pieces. Is there something missing in your mosaic? Let’s discuss today.

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Our pricing model reflects our core belief, which is to be fair, transparent, flexible and focused on the long term. We generally apply a “cost plus” model to all of our one-time services. We do value long term relationships with quality employers that utilize different solutions and will create a fee structure to reflect that. That said, each client, project and service is unique and requires flexibility.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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Cost effective and flexible. RPO is the process of outsourcing a portion of the external recruiting process. Ideal for companies with limited full-time equivalents (FTE’s) or large companies that prefer to outsource transactional work so internal FTE’s can focus on strategic initiatives.

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